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The Mentalist Red John

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Staffel wurde nach einem Zeitsprung von sechs Jahren enthllt, stand lange in den Sternen, lassen Sie es uns wissen.

The Mentalist Red John

Red John - Steht die zehnjährige Suche nach dem Mörder seiner Familie endlich vor einem Erfolg? Patrick Jane will den Verdächtigen in einer. Red John ist eine fiktive Figur und der Hauptgegner des CBS-Krimis The Mentalist in den ersten fünf Staffeln und der Hälfte der sechsten. Als Serienmörder soll er mit seinem Amoklauf begonnen haben und mit seinen Mitarbeitern und Akolythen. Red John: Patrick Jane, Medium und Berater bei der Polizei, wird mitsamt seinem Team zu einem Einsatzort gerufen. Zwei Ärzte wurden ermordet, die .

The Mentalist

In der achten Folge von Staffel 6 wird enthüllt, dass Sheriff Thomas McAllister Red John ist. Biographie. Red John. Red Johns Markenzeichen In der ersten Episode untersucht das Team einen Fall, der scheinbar Red John zuzuordnen ist. Patrick. Red John. Share. Tweet. E-Mail. Share. "Warum ich? Ich habe es nie kommen sehen." (Xander Berkeley). Nachdem der Produzent von "The Mentalist", Bruno.

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The Mentalist 6x08- JANE KILLS RED JOHN!!(ending scene)

The Mentalist Red John
The Mentalist Red John 11/25/ · Spoiler Alert! Do not read this story if you have not watched Sunday's game-changing episode of "The Mentalist."Put on your happy face: Red John is dead. Not only was the smiley face killer's.

The CBI team executes a plot where they fake the murders of Lisbon and Rigsby at the hands of Jane, and the team goes into hiding.

On hearing this over the news, Red John sends a message to Jane to meet him in Nevada. Darcy is investigating the apparent deaths of Lisbon and Rigsby.

She discovers that the body found does not belong to Rigsby and gets arrest warrants issued against the entire team involved in the deception.

Meanwhile, a limousine pulls over in the middle of a deserted street where Jane is waiting. Lorelei and a huge, armed man emerge from the car, and she claims Red John is inside.

Lorelei looks at the box Jane is bearing and asks if it contains a football or a cabbage. He tells her it is a melon, specifically a honeydew.

She does not react angrily, apparently since Red John and thus she became aware of Jane's deception. Lorelei does have her assistant beat Jane up "a little".

Jane sits in the front seat of the limo while a dark, shadowy figure sitting in the back whose voice is distorted with a radio transmitter, and whose face is not visible, greets Jane.

He tells Jane that he was fooled for a while by Jane's plot but was apprised of the truth by a "good friend" inside the FBI.

At this moment, Lisbon and her team, who were to move in and arrest Red John, are arrested by Darcy and her squad. Lisbon, cuffed on the side of the road, tells Darcy about the plan and the imminent danger to Jane's life.

Just as Lorelei is about to reluctantly punish Jane by cutting off two of his fingers, the CBI and FBI teams arrive. Jane emerges unharmed.

The FBI fire bullets at the fleeing limousine, which stops. Darcy opens the back door, which reveals CBI Director Luther Wainwright, bound and dead, with a pay-as-you-go burner phone attached to his body.

Lorelei is interrogated at the CBI by Jane and Lisbon. She refuses to speak about Red John but tells Lisbon that she and Jane have been lovers, calling each other "lover" frequently.

Jane tells Lorelei that she will eventually reveal what she knows and walks out of the room, ending season 4.

In the season 5 episode " Red Sails in the Sunset ", Lorelei Martins reappears in a women's prison, having been removed from CBI custody by the FBI.

She remains loyal to Red John, and when Jane with the aid of Bret Stiles Malcolm McDowell has her broken out of prison, she expresses shock and disappointment that her liberator is Jane, not Red John.

Jane discovers Lorelei previously had a sister, who was murdered some years prior. Lisbon faxes him a photo of the crime scene where the word "ROY" can be seen scrawled on the floor next to the sister's body — information that had been withheld from the public at the time of the murder.

This suggests to Jane that Red John who has used the alias Roy Tagliaferro was the killer, a fact that Jane reveals to Lorelei, who, angry at an earlier deception by Jane, tells him that "you're just like him, you know that?

Relentless manipulation I only wonder why the two of you didn't become lifelong friends from the moment you shook hands.

However, Lorelei refuses to believe Jane about the murderer. Alerted to Jane's whereabouts, the CBI begins to close in on the pair, but Jane allows Lorelei to escape, telling her to "find the truth" for herself and come back to him when she realizes Red John used her.

Lorelei reappears in episode 16 of season 5, " There Will Be Blood ". This episode reveals two new accomplices of Red John: Julia Howard and Jason Lennon, well-regarded citizens, a worker and a trustee of a women's shelter, respectively.

Lorelei tortures Julia to get information about her sister's death. She kills Howard after brutally beating her. After Lorelei comes after Lennon, Jane appears to try to rescue Lennon for Jane's own ends and to acknowledge Lennon's and Red John's involvement in Miranda Martins' murder.

Lorelei shoots Lennon, critically wounding him. After kissing Jane, she departs on a mission to kill Red John, breaking her pact to reveal Red John's identity.

She tells Jane she has done "much worse [than breaking a promise]", and that she and Jane are both going to hell "on two different roads".

Two weeks later, Lennon is revealed to have survived the shooting, although in a coma, while Lorelei is found dead under Red John's smiley face with Homeland Security and police at the scene.

Jane apologizes to her corpse but, still peeved over Lorelei's breaking her promise to identify Red John, tells Lisbon of Lorelei , "She had it coming.

In the fifth season episode " The Red Barn ", it is hinted that Red John may currently be or was a member of the "Visualize Self-Realization Center" church, a notorious cult with a reputation for brainwashing its members, as two bodies which fit his MO were found on a farm previously controlled by Visualize, complete with his signature smiley face on the outside of the barn where the bodies were found.

The murders are revealed to have been committed over two decades ago, when various Visualize members worked on the farm until its eventual shutdown due to a lack of farming expertise, and ten years before Red John was an active serial killer who targeted predominantly women.

This implies that Red John used the cult and its techniques to recruit individuals who would make suitable followers as many of Visualize's members come from broken families and traumatic childhoods, a trait that nearly every single Red John operative also shares , then brainwashes or seduces them to effectively control them.

This finally explains how Red John recruited so many followers over the years who worshipped him and who were willing to give their lives for his plans.

Rebecca Anderson, a loyal Red John operative who murdered Sam Bosco and his team under his orders before she herself is killed by Red John, reveals that Red John "opened her eyes to the truth" and enabled her to see the world for what it really was.

This is similar to Visualize's motto of opening up potential members' eyes to the truth in order to effectively recruit them, implying that Red John uses the same philosophy to recruit his followers.

Visualize is also known for teaching its members various and diverse skills, such as bomb manufacturing and advanced technology and computer uses, skills that Red John himself and many of his followers also display throughout the series.

In a later episode, a private investigator named Kira Tinsley, who was hired by Red John to spy on the CBI, mentions that it was a Visualize member that hired her, confirming that Red John is indeed still a functioning member of the organization.

The leader of the cult, Bret Stiles, has shown in previous seasons that he has a very thorough grasp on Red John's inner workings, hinting at a connection between the two, which seems to finally be revealed as Visualize.

Whether Bret Stiles actually knows the identity of Red John appears to be debatable throughout the series, but subsequent episodes imply that, although Stiles may know Red John is connected to his organization, he does not know which member he currently is and simply uses his own resources to keep tabs on the killer's activities.

Robert "Bob" Kirkland, introduced in the retcon episode " Red Dawn ", has engaged in numerous suspicious activities relating to Jane and Jane's search for Red John.

In flashback just after Jane has joined the CBI, a man is seen thanking FBI Director Alexa Shultz for asking Virgil Minelli to keep the FBI updated on the Red John investigation.

A couple of episodes later, the man reappears. He identifies himself as Homeland Security Agent Bob Kirkland, telling Lisbon that the Tommy Volker matter is being handled and that she should "take a step back".

After he leaves her office, he comes upon Jane. The two shake hands, and Kirkland tells Jane that he knows him, although Jane didn't know Kirkland.

In the next episode, Lorelei Martins tells Jane that he had already met and shaken hands with Red John. In the episodes " Red Sails in the Sunset " and " There Will Be Blood ", Kirkland and Homeland Security are shown taking deep interest in finding Red John's accomplice, Lorelei Martins, when she goes on a killing spree.

Neither the CBI nor Homeland Security locate Lorelei before she is found murdered under Red John's trademark smiley face.

When Jason Lennon who admitted to being an accomplice of Red John awakes from an induced coma, he is interviewed by Kirkland.

He tells Kirkland that he remembers who shot him but says he does not recognize Kirkland. Kirkland then kills Lennon with an injection, making it appear Lennon has died of his injuries.

Kirkland tells Jane that Lennon "never said a word" before dying. In the episode " Red Letter Day ", Kirkland has two Homeland Security agents break into the attic where Jane works and occasionally lives at CBI.

They take pictures of the information on Red John that Jane has on display. Kirkland is able to reproduce a near exact version of Jane's bulletin board on Red John, presumably including the references to Kirkland himself as a suspect.

Jane had had suspicions that he was being watched and realizes that his room has been broken into because he sees the toothpick he had been leaving of late between the door and the frame lying on the floor where it fell after Kirkland's men entered the premises, never noticing it.

Kirkland reappears in episode 4 of season 6. He is revealed to be responsible for killing names on a list of fake Red John suspects his men stole from Jane.

Once he learns that the list was fake from Jane, he kidnaps him. At the barn where he is being held captive, it is also shown that Richard Haibach is there, one of the men suspected of being the "San Joaquin Killer.

On his way to prison, his vehicle is pulled over by FBI Agent Reede Smith. Smith informs him that the "Tyger, Tyger" quote is used by dirty officers of California Law Enforcement.

Smith is one of them. When he gives Kirkland the address to a safe house, he then shoots him to death while running to his freedom. He and the driver cover it up and before departing say, "Tyger, Tyger.

In the fifth season finale, Jane reveals to Lisbon that he has narrowed the Red John suspect list to seven names. Although those names aren't revealed until the end of the episode, Jane and the CBI investigate a Red John murder.

Although it was initially believed that Red John wasn't involved in the murder, and that it was either the victim's husband or uncle, it is revealed that Red John committed the murder with the help of Miriam Gottlieb, a social worker who wanted Eileen Turner's child.

Gottlieb tricked Turner into separating herself from her volatile husband and moving into a motel, where Red John struck. In transit after her arrest, Gottlieb commits suicide by swallowing a cyanide pill, refusing, like almost all Red John's operatives, to be taken alive.

Before her arrest, she gave Jane a DVD from Red John, which featured the now dead Lorelei Martins, who recorded a video shortly before her own murder by Red John.

Martins reveals that Red John is very angry with her for revealing that Patrick and Red John had shaken hands, and that, in exchange for her making the recording, Red John will not "make her suffer so much".

The video reveals that Red John somehow knows the names of Patrick Jane's seven suspects:. Red John doesn't deny being one of these men.

The killing of Eileen Turner marks the beginning of a new killing spree as Lorelei tells Jane that Red John will "start killing again Out of frustration, Jane breaks the DVD with his own fingers, and sighs while looking out his window of his room at CBI.

In the premiere of season 6, Jane is highly disturbed at how Red John could deduce who he would have on his final list two months before finishing it, as well as have so much intimate knowledge of his memories and thought process.

At a loss as to what to do, Jane remains extremely cautious around the seven suspects while Lisbon goes behind his back and has all the suspects' cell phones installed with GPS trackers.

Infuriated that Lisbon went behind his back and played into Red John's hands, Jane and Lisbon have a falling out, with Lisbon eventually going to an abandoned house after receiving an anonymous tip at West Huron Street.

She calls SAC-PD; however, when she arrives at the address, a lady on the line informs her that they are temporarily unavailable. She then hears a faint scream inside and enters.

Inside, she finds the mutilated body of Brett Partridge, chanting "Tyger, Tyger", before dying, effectively revealing that he is not Red John.

It is revealed that Red John called in the anonymous tip, abducted and placed Partridge within the house to torture and murder him, knowing that Lisbon was tracking the suspects' phones and would arrive after learning that Partridge was in the house.

He abducts her and then uses her phone to call Jane, who has previously been attempting to call Lisbon to apologize for their earlier argument, and taunts him as he paints his signature smiley-face on her face with Partridge's blood.

However, Jane and the authorities locate Lisbon, who seems to have been left unscathed by Red John, confusing her and Jane. Writers: Bruno Heller created by , Bruno Heller.

Watch on Prime Video included with Prime. Added to Watchlist. The Rise of Daniel Kaluuya. The Most Anticipated Movies to Stream in February The Mentalist Red John Episodes.

Outstanding episodes of television. Share this Rating Title: Red John 24 Nov 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Show HTML View more styles. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Simon Baker Patrick Jane Robin Tunney Teresa Lisbon Tim Kang Kimball Cho Owain Yeoman Wayne Rigsby Amanda Righetti Grace Van Pelt John Bregar FBI Agent Mullins Rockmond Dunbar Dennis Abbott Kamala Lopez Woman in Chapel as Kamala Lopez-Dawson Joe Nieves Oscar Cordero Michael Gaston Gale Bertram Ari Blinder FBI Agent Denyer Lynn Evans Mom Kevin Foster Sac PD Officer Raj Maan Baker said Jane made the decision long ago to avenge his family's death, so when he finally gets the opportunity, he doesn't let his emotions get the best of him.

Jane just wants to get on with the job. When Red John dies, a part of Jane dies as well, Baker said. Now that the case is closed, Jane and the series will move in a new direction, Heller said.

The Dec. Jane has more freedom and a sense of possibilities. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Show HTML View more styles. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Simon Baker Patrick Jane Robin Tunney Teresa Lisbon Tim Kang Kimball Cho Owain Yeoman Wayne Rigsby Amanda Righetti Grace Van Pelt Charlotte Cornwell Muriel Renfrew Gabriel Olds Gardner Renfrew Todd Stashwick Jared Renfrew Kathleen Gati Policeman Gregory Itzin Virgil Minelli Olivia Hardt Undine Kopecki Danielle Langlois Breck Renfrew David Loren Junior Lawyer Matt Sigloch Edit Storyline Jared Renfrew has lost the last appeal against his conviction for the rape and murder of Undine Kopecki, the daughter of his family estate's housekeeper.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia When Jane accuses Vanna Clooney of lying about her daughters and Jareds Relationship he says: "You took your twenty Pieces of Silver", referring to the Bible where the Traitor Judas gets paid by the Priests to Sell out Jesus.

Judas did in fact get thirty Pieces of Silver, not twenty. Goofs When the bodies are found Red John's symbol is placed on the side wall. This means it is not visible unless they turn to see it after looking directly at the dead bodies.

For continuity, per the The Mentalist: Pilot episode, the symbol should have been placed on the tile above them or on the door to the bathroom.

This is a critical detail that does not change over the run of the series. Quotes Virgil Minelli : Oh, hi.

Still here? Teresa Lisbon : Uh, that was more of a rhetorical stand, we were taking back there. Virgil Minelli : You take it back then?

The Mentalist Red John Breck Renfrew David Loren Written by KGF Vissers. Taking Lisbon's gun and escaping from the FBI as they attempt to arrest him, Jane meets Bertram at the chapel after being disarmed by Oscar and Welcher Mann that Bertram is not Red John. Baker said Jane made the decision long ago to avenge his family's death, so when he finally gets the opportunity, he doesn't let his emotions get the best of him. In flashback just after Jane has 2+1 смотреть онлайн the CBI, a man is seen thanking FBI Director Alexa Shultz for asking Virgil Minelli to keep the FBI updated on the Red John investigation. Lorelei shoots Lennon, critically wounding him. Meanwhile, a limousine pulls over in the Snatch Kinox of a Rote Rosen Vorschau Ard street where Jane is waiting. Anna Paquin Johnson realized that Red John would never let him live while he was in custody and surrounded by potentially corrupt officials, he was prepared to reveal everything he knew Hollywood Stars Nackt Jane, before he himself is killed by another Red John operative, but still managed to utter the society's main form of communication to Jane. Trivia The convenience store clerk Serenay Sarikaya the channel from a news report about the fugitive Gale Bertram to the John Wayne movie El Dorado co-starring Robert Mitchum. The cameraman uploads an infobox saying, "She's cute, this is going to be fun". Muriel Renfrew Gabriel Olds When the guard returns with Jane, The Mentalist Red John has been set aflame and is writhing on fire. You can't have light Club Der Roten Bänder Serienstream darkness. Red John ist eine fiktive Figur und der Hauptgegner des CBS-Krimis The Mentalist in den ersten fünf Staffeln und der Hälfte der sechsten. Als Serienmörder soll er mit seinem Amoklauf begonnen haben und mit seinen Mitarbeitern und Akolythen. Red John (abgekürzt als "RJ" oder "RJK" für "Red John Killer" in den Akten von FBI und CBI) ist der Alias des zentralen Antagonisten in The Mentalist während. Red John. Thomas McAllister ist der Hauptantagonist aus der TV-Serie The Mentalist. Er ist der Sherrif von Napa County, der Anführer der Blake Association​. In der achten Folge von Staffel 6 wird enthüllt, dass Sheriff Thomas McAllister Red John ist. Biographie. Lorelei tells him that Red John wants a gift to show Patrick's sincerity: Lisbon's dead body. Srf 2 Live Stream Deutschland thought the sheriff persona was the perfect mislead — for a sociopath to adopt that kind of career just seemed so extra creepy. Kimball Cho knows the poem very well and recites the first two lines of the second verse:. Sign Igfxtray Exe.

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Am Rapunzel Neu Verföhnt Synchronsprecher Deutsch der vierten Staffel versucht Jane, Red John durch ein aufwendiges Täuschungsmanöver aus der Deckung zu locken: Er simuliert einen Nervenzusammenbruch und verbrennt die Red-John-Fallakten. Charles Goldstein. Mai ausgestrahlt, die restlichen Folgen wurden vom 1. Jeder Schauspieler Von Das Boot eine Rolle zugewiesen und Jane selbst spielt einen Kunstdieb.

Wildes Deutschland Mediathek baut sein Golden-Age-Programm weiter aus: Planet Comics The Mentalist Red John in den 1940er Jahren beim US-Verlag Fiction House und bot sffige Science-Fiction-Kurzgeschichten! - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Kurz darauf Pro7 Streaming Janes Frau und Tochter von Red John grausam ermordet. Directed by Chris Long. With Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman. While the FBI shuts down agent Lisbon's CBI team, Patrick goes off on his own to track down the man he has publicly identified as Red John. Red John is the eighth episode of the sixth seasonof The Mentalist. 1 Summary 2 Recap Main Cast Recurring Cast Guest Cast 3 Trivia 4 Production Information Patrick Jane finally comes face-to-face with Red John, the serial killer he's tracked since the man murdered his wife and. A double murder seems to be the work of a notorious serial killer named Red John, but CBI consultant Patrick Jane thinks it's the work of a copycat. Director: David Nutter | Stars: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman. Votes: 1, After five seasons and change, The Mentalist has finally revealed the identity of serial killer Red John — it's Thomas McAllister, the quirky Napa County sheriff played by Xander Berkeley!. Directed by John Polson. With Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman. Patrick makes a deal to try and prove a convict's innocence in exchange for information about Red John.
The Mentalist Red John


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